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Greatest and Original Cuisines of the World: Chinese

Chinese cooking would still be acknowledged as one of the greatest and original cuisines of the world. The culinary appeal of Chinese cooking has taken the Western culture by storm because those who experimented know how good and economical Chinese food can be.

They discovered how easy it is to create Chinese dishes in their own kitchen and the joy of eating Chinese food can be experienced regularly rather than as an occasional treat. Visit to get to know the different tastes of Indian-Chinese food.

Chopsticks are the primary eating utensil in Chinese culture for solid foods, while soups and other liquids are enjoyed with a wide, flat-bottomed spoon (traditionally made of ceramic). It is reported that wooden chopsticks are losing their dominance due to recent logging shortfalls in China and East Asia; many Chinese eating establishments are considering a switch to a more environmentally sustainable eating utensil, such as plastic or bamboo chopsticks.

More expensive materials used in the past included ivory and silver. On the other hand, disposable chopsticks made of wood/bamboo have all but replaced reusable ones in small restaurants. In most dishes in Chinese cuisine, food is prepared in bite-sized pieces (e.g. vegetable, meat, tofu), ready for direct picking up and eating.

Traditionally, Chinese culture considered using knives and forks at the table barbaric due to fact that these implements are regarded as weapons. It was also considered ungracious to have guests work at cutting their own food. Fish are usually cooked and served whole, with diners directly pulling pieces from the fish with chopsticks to eat, unlike in some other cuisines where they are first filleted. This is because it is desired for fish to be served as fresh as possible.

It is common in many restaurant settings for the server to use a pair of spoons to divide the fish into servings at the table. In India, Chinese food like chilli chicken, fried rice are liked by one and all. But over a period of time actual Chinese cooking has indianised and taken up the form of indo-Chinese. And such an Indo-Chinese cuisine has become the favorite of people around the world.In the Indo-Chinese food menu following items surely take place: Fried Rice Chilli Chicken Gobhi Manchurian Sauted Vegetables Rice & Hakka Noodles Egg Plant For all above ,and much more one can visit and experience the real Indo-Chinese Fusion Food.