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Galveston Island Guide

Galveston Island is a truly unique place where the beaches, streets, and port are painted with legends and lore. Here on our island, you will find 32 miles of relaxing beaches, superb restaurants, top resort hotels, marvelous downtown shopping, numerous antique stores, incredible art galleries, fabulous entertainment, and that is only the beginning of the adventure that awaits you.

Galveston Island is a romantic island tucked deep ion the heart of south Texas. It posses all the charm of a small southern town yet is onlly 40 miles from Houston, the fourth largest city in the U.S., and with a mild climate throughtout the year, Galveston Island is hard to resist. More than 5 million people make their way to Galveston Island each year.

At 32 miles long and two and a half miles wide, most residents can't remember the last time they visited the mainland and, if circumstances permitted, they would never leave. The island has seen its share of calamities, yet the Storm of 1900, deemed one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history, could not erase the tranquility of a Galveston sunset.

From soft sandy beaches to famous 19th century architecture, this island is surrounded with incredible history and unique beauty. Your Galveston Island experience includes more than 20 top attractions on the island. 

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