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11/13/2007-- Love can be blind, but it is something that we simply cannot do without. It can come into our lives at any point of time, without warning and we can do nothing to fight this emotion. And why fight against something that makes you feel at the top of the world? However, there maybe some among us, who have not yet found the right partner and Feng shui love tips, may just be the thing that will help them find love. Every person can apply these tips and balance the environment in and around their living space. Feng shui is all about balancing the energies and the various elements like the wind, water, air and fire. Properly balancing the yin (female) and yang (male) vibes around you could lead to much happiness in the areas of health, wealth and personal relationships.

Hence, even if you are planning to attract love into your life or simply want to strengthen the existing bonds,
Feng Shui could be the best tool for achieving this objective. Feng Shui love tips give great priority to the way in which you have arranged your home and the different rooms like the bedroom and living room. A soothing shade like pink would be ideal for the bedroom where you could adorn the walls with pictures of you and your partner or all the family members. The furnishings should also be soft without any hard or pointed edges. Avoid placing any electronic items in the bedroom as the energies should not interrupt the peace and tranquility of the room. Peonies play an important role, when you are considering the Chinese practice of Feng Shui love tips to enhance your personal relationship luck.

If you are unmarried you could place the picture of peonies or perhaps the real flowers itself, in your room and you can be sure to meet that someone special pretty soon.
Feng Shui love guidelines also suggest that you light up the southwest corner of your home with red lights to attract harmony and love into your lives. You could also get innovative and paint one wall in the southwest in a passionate color like red. If red is too bold for you, then you could consider sticking to yellow or perhaps tone it down completely by opting for white. Framed pictures of loved ones help to further increase the fondness of the family members for each other.

Many other
Feng Shui items go a long way in enhancing your love life, only if you have the patience and faith to try it out honestly. A pair of mandarin ducks in the bedroom also symbolizes the married couple and their happiness. Placing crystals in the southwest corner, lighting candles and gifting roses without thorns are simple gestures that help to activate and enhance your personal relationships. However, rather than applying Feng Shui love tips by gathering them from unreliable sources, consulting a Feng Shui expert is always advisable and the most practical option for all.  

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