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Top 10 Tips to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

In Feng Shui, the Chinese ancient art of utilizing the laws of the heaven and earth to help improve ones life by receiving positive Qui (pronounced Chi), today's concept of Feng Shui focuses on the concept of rearranging items and objects in our lives to achieve harmony, and one of the most important rooms in your house to achieve harmony is the bedroom. We spend the good part of our lives in our bedroom doing a variety of things but most importantly sleeping. We are at our most vulnerable when sleeping therefore our bedroom needs to be safe, secure, and intimate.

To help you achieve harmony in your bedroom, which will lead to positive effects in other aspects of your life, I have compiled a list of tips to follow to
Feng Shui your bedroom.

1. It is ideal to choose your bedroom in the room furthest away from the front door. On a subliminal level, this gives you the extra feeling of protection, stability and security. They say that the worst possible place is to have your bedroom facing or close to the front door, however being realistic, sometimes you don't have much choice- so follow the other tips I have listed and do the best with the space you have.

2. To create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere paint your bedroom neutral colors such as terracotta, cream or peach, colors like light blue, green or lavender will create a tranquil vibe and invite healing energy. If you are looking to spice up your love life stick with pinks and reds, which will increase the romance in your life, although limit the use of such color to slight accents; bright color such as red, or orange, yellow etc, are often associated with Yang which can be too stimulating for the bedroom.

3. Position your bed as far away from the door as possible and out of the direct line of the door. Avoid putting it under a window, which lacks the symbolic support and protection of a solid wall and can lead to fitful sleep as energy enters and exits through the window. Invest in a wooden headboard as it can provide strength and support to your head. Whatever you do, make sure your feet don't point out the door while in bed. In traditional Chinese culture, this is called the "Death Position" because the deceased are carried out feet first. Practitioners believe sleeping this way can drain your life force. If you can't avoid it, use a footboard or a substantial trunk or other piece of furniture at the foot of your bed. Finally, leave enough room around the bed for energy to flow freely, and for each partner to get up with ease. Always use curves not corners, sharp corners on bedroom furniture act as 'poison arrows' directing positive energy away from you and creating an uneasy environment. To alleviate this drape fabric over the sharp edges to create fluidity.

4. De-clutter! Clutter in your bedroom prevents the free-flowing of Chi. However, don't solve the problem by putting everything under the bed, this will block energy and lead to stagnation in life. Consider the objects that you have in your room, remove any work related items, and any objects that hold past memories that are best forgotten; as teddy bears from a past relationship.

5. Tip: Place a plant in the corner of your room to prevent energy stagnating there and increase the Zen by limiting what's on your night stand to a lamp, a couple of inspirational books, a picture you love and a plant or fresh flowers.

6. Remove items such as TVs, exercise equipment and computers, they take up a lot of energy and can distract you from rest and romance. Further to this although having a few books placed on your nightstand can encourage your Zen, having shelves loaded with books all calling out to be read and thus distracting you from rest. If you must have these items in you room then it is best to use a screen to hide them whilst sleeping or keep your television set in a cupboard so that it can all be shut out.

7. If your single and wish to be partnered up then decorate your room as if you already are; place side tables and lamps on both side of the bed. Accessorize in pairs and ensure that everything is symmetrical. For those already in a relationship consider the bed your love shrine, place loving items on the bedside tables such as a photograph (the photo should not be a family pic but of you and your partner), a pair of candles and a rounded (not spiky) leafed plant- remember to place a few pink or red accent in and around the bed to encourage romance.

8. A common
Feng Shui trick is to place pictures, art or items around the room that represent what you would like to see in your own life- such as inner peace, love or success. A carefully chosen piece of art can have an impact on your own personal achievements.

9. Do not to place a mirror opposite, next to, or over the bed. This will bounce too much energy around the room to allow for good rest, and will magnify problems and worries -- and it is thought that mirrors in the bedroom can invite a third party to interfere in your relationship. The only cure to such a dilemma is to hang decorative material or curtains in front of the offensive mirror, cover them up when you retire for the night or if possible turn the mirror away from the bed.

10. Lighting is an important factor in
Feng Shui, encourage natural light into your room by using blinds that can easily be opened in the morning encouraging the light and shut at night blocking out the dark. Balance light from a ceiling light with several low lying lamps which will cast a softer glow across your room; calming the energy of the space down at night.

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