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How to Decorate with Asian Style

By: Chris Baret

As the US population becomes more and more diverse, people are becoming exposed to many styles of décor from around the world. Asian home décor is fast becoming one of the more popular decorating styles. And while many people are looking to add an Asian influence to their home, few really know how to correctly accomplish this theme.

Here are 7 quick tips you can use to decorate your home with Asian-style:

  1. Whenever you are redecorating a room you always should start with color as your foundation. Asian style is characterized by several colors – red, brown, gold, gray, and tan. Red is the most prominent color, because it is believed to provide good luck. In general though, natural earth tones typify Asian style. Also, all woods should be a dark chocolate/burgundy tone.
  2. Next, you want to consider adding texture to the room. Natural materials, such as bamboo, rice paper, and rock, are very important to Asian décor. Shoji room dividers, bamboo candles and picture frames, and rock gardens and fountains are perfect additions to your décor.
  3. Since Asian culture is very nature-centric, adding plants to your décor is a must. Lucky bamboo is very popular and is a very inexpensive and quick way to add Asian style to your bedroom or bathroom. Bonsai trees are also a surefire way to continue your cultural makeover.
  4. The use of sacred animals is a great way to add a touch of the orient to your home décor. Elephants in particular are the symbol of physical and mental strength along with responsibility and loyalty. Ridden by gods and owned by kings, elephants were said to bring good luck and prosperity. Find pillows or art that depict sacred animals.
  5. Asian wall décor is another important consideration. Written scrolls with Chinese writing symbols will lend an instant Asian appeal to your décor. Japanese Noren curtains, while intended for doorways, also make great wall decorations.
  6. The Buddhist religion has a strong influence in Asian décor. Try adding sandstone or wooden Buddha statues to your bookshelves. Buddha masks will also add a calming and serene effect to your home environment.
  7. And lastly, Asian décor is characterized by its’ minimalist style. Don’t overpower your home décor with too many Asian accents. A few key furnishings will go a long way to adding the cultural appeal you are looking for.

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