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09/20/2017 04:00 AM
Of the 40 million slaves in the world, one in four are children
More than 40 million people were estimated to be victims of modern slavery in 2016 -- and one in four of those were children.

06/28/2017 07:51 AM
Sex trafficking survivor working to end 'The Game'
Elle Snow laces up her combat boots, prepared once again, to go to war with "The Game."

09/20/2017 02:59 AM
Fighting modern slavery on Florida farms
Immokalee, Florida, used to be ground-zero for modern-day slavery in US agriculture. Today, slavery is all but eradicated on Florida farms.

03/07/2017 09:20 PM
School brings hope to child slaves in India
Sitara isn't sure how old she is. Her mother thinks 13; she reckons 15.

04/25/2017 06:00 AM
Family rescued from slavery in the Amazon
The Brazilian government is cracking down on ranchers who abuse their workers. CNN's Shasta Darlington met one family celebrating their newfound freedom.

09/19/2017 09:22 PM
5 dubious claims Aung San Suu Kyi made in her speech
Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi gave a much-anticipated address Tuesday on the ongoing crisis following the exodus of than 400,000 minority Rohingya Muslims from the country.

09/19/2017 03:09 AM
Dominica PM: Hurricane Maria 'devastates' island
The Caribbean island of Dominica has been "devastated" by Hurricane Maria, the country's Prime Minister tells CNN.

09/20/2017 12:51 AM
Hurricane Maria barrels toward Puerto Rico after crippling Dominica
Hurricane Maria's destructive tear across the Caribbean is well underway, with the storm obliterating parts of Dominica and threatening "catastrophic" damage to Puerto Rico.

09/19/2017 01:53 PM
Branson: Hurricanes are the 'start of things to come'
Virgin Group founder Richard Branson rode out Hurricane Irma in his wine cellar on his private island in the British Virgin Islands.

09/19/2017 12:35 PM
German police arrest three suspected ISIS militants
Three men were arrested on suspicion of terror offenses in a series of counterterrorism operations in Germany, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.

09/19/2017 11:10 AM
Merkel's confidence alone won't mend Germany's problems
All over Berlin, Angela Merkel greets passers-by with a tender smile.

09/19/2017 05:36 AM
Aung San Suu Kyi is neglecting her moral responsibility
Over the past three weeks photographs of anguished, starving and desperate Rohingya Muslims have shocked readers as hundreds of thousands have fled the violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state, streaming into neighboring Bangladesh.

09/16/2017 05:18 PM
Children committing hate crimes reflect our society
They say that boys will be boys, but what do we make of those boys when they attempt to lynch another child, or put on Ku Klux Klan outfits and burn a cross in the backyard?

09/19/2017 10:34 AM
Flushed! Why did two women deposit €100,000 in Geneva toilets?
Swiss authorities are investigating a series of bizarre deposits.

09/19/2017 10:34 AM
Review: iPhone 8 cuts the cord and prepares for the future
Apple has put its new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in a tight spot.

09/15/2017 10:24 AM
Will Equifax be held accountable?
Americans are outraged about the Equifax data breach that exposed the personal and financial data of 143 million people

09/08/2017 11:00 AM
'Mama Rosie' cares for Cape Town's AIDS orphans
When Rosie Mashale moved to Khayelitsha -- Cape Town, South Africa's largest township -- she was alarmed to see children in the dump near her home, scavenging for something to eat.

09/07/2017 03:52 PM
How a former schoolteacher became mother to thousands of kids in need
In Cape Town, South Africa's largest township, Rosie Mashale and her group care for orphaned, abandoned and sick children -- many who lost parents to AIDS.

09/07/2017 11:57 AM
What are child-headed households?
CNN Hero Rosie Mashale visits elder orphans in her Cape Town, South Africa, community who benefit from her organization's support and love.

09/20/2017 08:20 AM
Ready to trade up? Find out how much your home is worth

09/20/2017 08:20 AM
San Diego homes for sale

09/20/2017 08:20 AM
Getting ready to sell? Find out what your home is worth now

09/20/2017 08:20 AM
Having survived Hurricane Irma, this couple fled from the island of St. Thomas to safety in Puerto Rico, but now face the wrath of Hurricane Maria.

09/20/2017 08:20 AM
Children were found under the debris of a school that had collapsed in Mexico City after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake.

09/20/2017 08:20 AM
Myanmar's government has strongly denied claims of abuses against Rohingya Muslims by its military, but one man decided to write a letter to the world about what happened to his village. CNN's Alexardera Field reports.

09/20/2017 08:20 AM

09/20/2017 08:20 AM
40 million slaves in the world, finds new report
40 million people were victims of modern slavery in 2016 -- and one in four of those were children, according to a new report.

09/20/2017 08:20 AM
Immokalee, Florida, used to be ground-zero for modern-day slavery in US agriculture. Today, slavery is all but eradicated on Florida farms.

09/20/2017 08:20 AM
Hurricane Maria arrived in the Caribbean just days after Hurricane Irma left, causing "widespread devastation."







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