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09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Members of the Cassini mission say goodbye to the spacecraft, their coworkers and some long-held traditions.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Scientists are rethinking their understanding of Jupiter's powerful auroras after receiving data from NASA's Juno spacecraft.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
New technology brings objects to life on your phone.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
NASA is sending OSIRIS-REx, a robotic spacecraft, to an asteroid to study its role in our universe.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM

09/20/2017 08:32 AM

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
It's been five years since NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover landed on the red planet on August 6, 2012. The rover survived the much-publicized "seven minutes of terror" and safely landed near Mount Sharp. The rover accomplished its main goal in less than a year, collecting a rock sample that shows ancient Mars could supported living microbes.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Japan is building the fastest supercomputer in the world
Japan is building the world's fastest supercomputer, which it hopes will make the country the new global hub for artificial intelligence research.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Ingrem, a Chinese company has created the "husband pod," an arcade booth intended to stave off boredom for men who accompany their partners to the mall.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Scientists have figured out how to grow organs from skin cells. CNN's Rachel Crane explores a lab that is using this technique to revolutionize cancer treatments.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
A security robot named Steve plunged down four steps into a fountain in Washington, leading to its watery demise.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Meet GuardBot, a spherical surveillance vehicle that can swim upstream. CNN's Thom Patterson explains how the military hopes to use it.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Zero gravity, fully cute: New Japanese drone in space
The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has released the first set of images and videos taken by its debut zero-gravity camera drone or "Int-Ball," the cute orb of a drone, will optimize communication between crew in space and on Earth.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Researchers at the University of Washington demonstrate new techniques to turn audio clips into realistic video, using clips from President Obama's speeches.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Every July, some of the world's most wealthy and powerful businesspeople meet in Sun Valley, Idaho, for an exclusive weeklong conference.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Beneath its heavy cloud cover, Jupiter has been able to keep its secrets from astronomers. Now, first results from NASA's Juno mission are challenging researchers' beliefs about the gas giant.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
While speaking to CNN's Laurie Segall, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Cheryl Yeoh says she was sexually assaulted by her investor.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
In Hong Kong, two engineers have created a smart bicycle helmet with integrated brake and turn-signal lights.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
Michaela Pereira and John Berman talk to Brett Larson and Michael Fertik about a new study focused on internet trolling.

09/20/2017 08:32 AM
'Satellite catcher' will use magnets to clean up space junk
Japanese scientists are developing a system to capture and remove space debris.







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