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02/19/2018 10:03 AM
Winston Duke's M'Baku heats up 'Black Panther' fans
He may be a villain in "Black Panther" but fans are loving M'Baku.

02/18/2018 07:22 PM
'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' takes top honors at BAFTA Awards
Director Martin McDonagh's bleak drama about a mother's quest for answers about her daughter's murder struck a nerve with British Academy of Film and Television Arts voters.

02/19/2018 02:33 PM
Oscar-nominated 'Traffic Stop' puts focus on police brutality
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's the value of grainy police dash-cam video of a mundane encounter gone wrong? That's a question raised, if not entirely answered, by "Traffic Stop," an Oscar-nominated short that's making its TV debut on HBO.

02/19/2018 02:27 PM
See the full list of BAFTA winners
The 71st British Academy Film Awards were presented Sunday.

02/19/2018 11:35 AM
Duchess Kate Middleton opts for green as black dresses sweep BAFTAs
The Duchess of Cambridge's outfit at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards Sunday may have contained a subtle nod of solidarity to those speaking out on gender issues.

02/16/2018 10:10 AM
See Amy Schumer's wedding photos
In case you didn't get an invite to Amy Schumer's secret wedding, she's got you covered.

02/19/2018 09:50 AM
Fergie and other National Anthem performances that didn't sing
It's rough when even Roseanne Barr makes jokes about your singing.

02/16/2018 06:43 PM
Those 'Black Panther' preview screenings were lit
Welcome to Wakanda.

02/19/2018 01:26 PM
'Black Panther' actor is also a Dreamer
He's in the biggest film in the world right now and he's undocumented.

02/15/2018 09:34 PM
Jeffrey Tambor 'profoundly disappointed' by 'Transparent' ouster
Jeffrey Tambor says he is "profoundly disappointed" by Amazon's decision to pursue Season 5 of the series without him,.

02/16/2018 10:57 AM
Fans in a tizzy for a Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt reunion
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's marriage broke up back in 2005, but that hasn't stopped fans from wishing they would get back together.

02/17/2018 10:26 PM
'Black Panther' joins 'Wonder Woman' in blazing super trail
"The Black Panther" looks destined to become an enormous hit, which, given Hollywood's fondness for sequels and spinoffs, means there will surely be a litter of kittens. Yet as with the superhero world's other new royalty, "Wonder Woman," the euphoria greeting the movie's arrival would benefit from some perspective before rushing to create copycats.

02/15/2018 04:58 PM
Josh Gad makes emotional promise after friend's son killed in Florida school shooting
Actor Josh Gad is vowing to take action after one of his friend's children was killed in the Florida high school shooting that left 17 people dead on Wednesday.

02/15/2018 12:36 PM
Viola Davis is an acting great but says she doesn't get paid like one
Viola Davis is one of the most revered and decorated actresses in Hollywood, but the star of stage and screen says her paychecks and opportunities don't necessarily reflect her esteemed position.

02/16/2018 11:02 AM
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announce they've separated
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have revealed they have been separated since late last year, according to a joint statement.

02/14/2018 04:44 PM
Julia Louis Dreyfus boasts about 'great results' after cancer surgery
Julia Louis-Dreyfus is giddy over "great results" after undergoing surgery related to her battle against breast cancer.

02/15/2018 04:53 PM
'Annihilation' director, star respond to whitewashing criticism
The director of "Annihilation" is refuting claims his new movie "whitewashed" characters and said there was "nothing cynical and conspiratorial" in the casting of the sci-fi drama.

02/15/2018 01:20 PM
Amy Schumer marries chef Chris Fischer
Amy Schumer married her new boyfriend in a private ceremony this week.

02/15/2018 09:37 PM
Jeffrey Tambor not returning for Season 5 of 'Transparent'
Jeffrey Tambor will not be returning for the next season of "Transparent," Amazon tells to CNN.

02/16/2018 07:49 PM
Van Jones: 'Black Panther' is a revelation
Hollywood is offering a vision of a technological future that is in many ways already an empowering reality for a rising cohort of African and African-American technologists. President Trump, who insults people of color, should take notice, writes Van Jones.

02/14/2018 10:22 AM
Arielle Kebbel's missing sister found
"Fifty Shades Freed" actress Arielle Kebbel announced Tuesday that her missing sister has been found.

02/14/2018 11:51 PM
Scott Baio accused of harassment by another 'Charles in Charge' co-star
Scott Baio has been accused of harassment and assault by his former "Charles in Charge" co-star, Alexander Polinsky.

02/14/2018 03:51 PM
Fantasia Barrino mourns murdered nephew
Singer Fantasia Barrino is mourning the death of her 18-year-old nephew.

02/16/2018 09:47 AM
'Early Man' lands on low rung of Aardman's evolutionary ladder
Hailing from director Nick Park, one of the masterminds behind the stop-motion-animated antics of Wallace & Gromit, "Early Man" seems like a fertile idea. The movie, alas, turns out to be closer to a primordial mess, which -- in its mix of soccer and Stone Age politics -- registers several runs below Aardman Studios' usual place on the evolutionary ladder.

02/13/2018 06:12 PM
'Black Panther' feels like a cultural watershed
Black superheroes have reached the screen before, but seeing the collective weight of Marvel/Disney thrown behind a blockbuster like "Black Panther" still feels like a cultural watershed, one that the movie exuberantly embraces. Boasting perhaps the strongest supporting characters yet among Marvel titles, director Ryan Coogler's visually dynamic film should transform a lesser-known comic-book hero into a household name.

02/15/2018 09:50 AM
'Everything Sucks!' puts fresh face on teen angst
"Everything Sucks!" is an unfortunate title for a show that clearly doesn't -- one that takes place in 1996, around the time "My So-Called Life" aired on ABC. The parallel is worth mentioning not only because the Netflix series invokes that time, but also in the way it discovers truly natural new talent, and addresses the issues faced by a gay teen.

02/14/2018 04:05 PM
Netflix sends message to Disney, rivals with Ryan Murphy deal

02/14/2018 12:32 PM
People can't stop watching Hallmark's cheesy TV movies

02/19/2018 11:48 AM
'Black Panther' brings in a record-breaking box office weekend

02/19/2018 12:04 PM
Stelter: The 'Oprah 2020' story isn't going away. Trump just made sure of it







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