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07/17/2018 03:51 PM
Is Sacha Baron Cohen still funny?
Sacha Baron Cohen's act hasn't changed, from "Da Ali G Show" to "Borat" to his new Showtime series, "Who is America?" But the world has, which, in light of the media uproar he's triggered, raises the question whether the timing was very right -- or wrong -- for this comeback.

07/17/2018 11:05 PM
Michelle Williams reveals she sought help for mental health issues
Former Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams has revealed she's now happy and healthy after recently seeking medical help for mental health issues.

07/17/2018 06:24 PM
'Boy Erased' trailer previews film about gay conversion therapy
Lucas Hedges better get his tux dry cleaned and pressed because he might be having a very active award season.

07/17/2018 09:07 AM
MTV VMAs backlash: Taylor Swift shut out of major categories
Apparently bathing in a tub full of diamonds is not enough to snag one of the big MTV Video Music Awards nominations.

07/16/2018 01:15 PM
Surprise! You can watch the final season 'UnREAL' now on Hulu
Good news and bad news.

07/17/2018 11:07 PM
Robin Williams remembered in poignant HBO doc
The intimate bond that comedians forge with an audience makes their loss feel more intimate and personal. What remains somewhat mysterious -- and at times mystifying -- is the darker side of stand-up, which has contributed to the premature deaths of so many comedy stars.

07/17/2018 03:46 PM
Paul Walker documentary to premiere next month
The life of the late actor Paul Walker will be celebrated in a new documentary premiering next month.

07/17/2018 09:58 AM
Kim Kardashian defends Kylie Jenner being called 'self-made'
The internet may not agree, but Kim Kardashian West totally believes her sister Kylie Jenner and the rest of her siblings are "self-made."

07/16/2018 12:17 PM
Mandy Moore announces return to music
Mandy Moore is back behind the mic.

07/16/2018 03:22 PM
Luann de Lesseps returns to rehab
Luann de Lesseps has returned to rehab.

07/16/2018 02:12 PM
Michelle Obama is all of us at the BeyoncΓ© and Jay-Z concert
Naturally, Michelle Obama was dancing front and center at BeyoncΓ© and Jay-Z's concert in Paris this weekend.

07/16/2018 02:51 PM
Blake Shelton took a spill on stage and asked fans for video of it
Blake Shelton has no shame in his falling game.

07/16/2018 07:46 PM
Showtime defends Sacha Baron Cohen
Showtime says comedian Sacha Baron Cohen did not claim to be a disabled veteran to secure any interview subjects for his series "Who Is America," despite claims from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the contrary.

07/16/2018 09:28 AM
Taylor Swift becomes the 'third wheel' in marriage proposal
Their "Love Story" started at a Taylor Swift concert so it just made sense that they would get engaged there.

07/16/2018 05:23 AM
Netflix releases first photograph of Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Crown'
The first official photograph of British actress Olivia Colman in her new role as Queen Elizabeth II in the third season of the Netflix series "The Crown" was revealed on Twitter Monday, accompanied by just one word -- "patience."

07/16/2018 08:57 AM
Kate Upton is pregnant
It's a baby home run for Kate Upton and Justin Verlander.

07/16/2018 12:48 PM
Sacha Baron Cohen punks politicians in 'Who is America?'
Sacha Baron Cohen has been punking people for the last 20 years in various guises, which at first blush made his Showtime series, "Who is America?," sound like just more of the same. But the provocateur has reeled in some big fish -- who have dutifully denounced him -- as marks, adding sizzle to what otherwise amounts to serving old wine in a new bottle.

07/13/2018 11:44 AM
'Downton Abbey' movie is happening
Fans have been begging for it, and now it's really happening.

07/14/2018 12:30 AM
Scarlett Johansson won't play trans man in film after backlash
Scarlett Johansson has opted to withdraw from a film in which she was set to play a transgender man after her casting drew criticism from the LGBTQ community.

07/13/2018 12:26 PM
Henry Cavill apologizes after #MeToo backlash
Henry Cavill has apologized after backlash over statements he recently made during an interview with GQ Australia.

07/13/2018 02:04 PM
'Queer Eye' renewed for a third season
Your tears still likely haven't dried from watching the second season of Netflix's "Queer Eye," but the Fab Five soon will be hard at work on a new season.

07/13/2018 10:02 AM
Stan Lee tells fans he's back and pledges to stay in touch more
Stan Lee wants fans to know he's returned and plans on staying in better contact.

07/12/2018 01:06 PM
Sandra Oh makes history with Emmy nod for lead actress in a drama
Sandra Oh has made Emmy history.

07/12/2018 03:29 PM
'Eighth Grade' makes the quiet horror of navigating early adolescence kind of beautiful
There's a scene in Bo Burnham's "Eighth Grade" where the main character, Kayla, scores an invite to a pool party thrown by a popular peer and attended by everyone the shy girl wishes she could emulate.

07/13/2018 10:45 AM
'Hotel Transylvania 3' risks overstaying its welcome
After an appealing debut five years ago, "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" suggests the animated monster franchise is at the risk of overstaying its welcome. Although still visually pleasing, the latest adventure seldom sparks to life, even by the standards of its undead protagonists.

07/05/2018 09:53 AM
'Whitney' brings heavy hand to Whitney Houston's troubled life
"Whitney," the second feature-length Whitney Houston documentary in 10 months, has the advantage of being produced with cooperation from Houston's estate, providing greater access to those closest to her, including multiple relatives. The overall message, though, is much the same and painfully familiar -- how the price of fame, and being pulled in multiple directions, contributed to the premature end of a one-for-the-ages talent.

07/11/2018 04:14 PM
'Skyscraper' stands tall on Rock-solid foundation
The "Die Hard" comparisons are inevitable with "Skyscraper," the latest action vehicle for the very busy Dwayne Johnson. While the movie doesn't quite scale those heights, it delivers similar old-fashioned, popcorn-y pleasures with its Rock-solid foundation, with a bare-bones plot and plenty of stunts that do for tall buildings what "Jaws" did for sharks.

07/18/2018 02:24 AM
Disney wins antitrust approval to purchase most of Fox

07/18/2018 02:24 AM
Russell Crowe to star as Fox News' Roger Ailes in Showtime miniseries

03/05/2018 10:31 AM
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