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"Chrome Wheels Hype, An Automotive Article"

Chrome wheels; Are they worth the hype? Bling Bling Yes, Bling Bling No.

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What's The Hype About Chrome Wheels?

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 by: Richard Gazzo

Anywhere you seem to look nowadays, there are customized cars and trucks and those pieces of jewelry holding the tires in place are custom rims. Usually dipped in chrome, sometimes in gold. These flashy wheels are probably where "Bling, Bling" originated. With NBA all stars such as Maurice Taylor, Lindsey Hunters and of course Shaquille O'Neal spending thousands to customize the Lincoln Navigators and Cadillac Escalade SUV truck it only seems natural that their fans would follow in the tracks and they have.

The power of celebrities

Not only have NBA stars taken to customizing their vehicles, but Hip Hop superstars like Nelly, Master P and P Diddy have taken to the bling bling world of aftermarket wheels. The hip hop mogul seems to have gone beyond customizing his rides with chrome rims, he now has teamed up with Weld wheels to produce his own line of custom, precision-forged aluminum rims. Weld wheels and P Diddy have a new line car and truck wheels specifically for sports trucks, luxury SUV's and high-end American- and German-made autos that are called "Sean John Wheels". Sean John dubs retail between $700 and $3,000 for each wheel.

Will all the publicity from celebrities chrome wheels have taken off in sales as in the last 10 years. With the money to be made in custom rims, more and more companies are springing up offering even more styles of wheels to choose from. Some of the most popular names include Foose wheels, Lexani, Giovanni and American Racing wheels to name only a handful of over 100 manufacturers. With so many manufacturers they try to push the envelope with their wheels designs adding beautiful shapes to their wheels. One company really took it to the next level by introducing spinning rims to the aftermarket world.

Spinning wheels

Latrell Sprewell is the pioneer of spinning wheel or "Spinners" as they have become know as. The rims spin because they use a high speed bearing. The specially sealed bearings are what creates the movement even after the vehicle has stopped moving. As cool as they sound, the price tag might make you look else where. A single Spinner can set you back up to $5,000. Even with the expensive cost these wheels are flying off of car accessory store shelves. And other wheel manufacturers have infiltrated the spinning wheel market. Names such as Dubspin, Oasis, Ultra Hot, Spintek, Spinpro, Davin and Excess all offer their own styles of chrome spinning wheels, ready to be installed on luxury SUV trucks.

How to save money when shopping for your aftermarket rims

If you don't want to spend a months wages on one chrome wheel but you still want that cool custom look what do you do? An alternative to the $5,000 spinner chrome wheel price tag is Spinweel spinners, which will run you about $300. Spinweel Spinners are add-ons to your custom chrome rims, they are designed to adapt to the wheels on your vehicle. Another way to find cheap prices for you budget minded car addicts is using the internet. You can save hundreds of dollars just by taking some time to compare the discount deals you can find online. Many online automotive merchants offer you wheels balanced and shipping all for free. Something to consider if you want the cool look without the expensive payment.




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