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Chinese Zodiac Pig

According to the Chinese Zodiac, being a pig is something to be quite proud of! If you are a pig, there are dozens of excellent qualities that are traditionally ascribed to this animal that was such an important part day to day life.

Those born in the Chinese
Year of the Pig are honest and virtuous, and when combined with their serious natures, make them ideal for jobs in research and science fields. They are always hard workers and excel in positions that allow them to quietly and independently pursue their studies. Pigs also have a creative streak that, combined with their industriousness, makes them excellent writers, artists and craft workers. They also very diligent, and are known for their efficient, no-nonsense attitude towards their work.

Though they work hard, those with the zodiac sign of the pigs often have difficulty managing their financial lives. All too often, the good money that they make slips through their fingers. Despite having well-paying jobs, it is all too likely that they will become careless and allow debts to pile up. One way to avoid this is for the pig to take his business slowly, step by step, so that it can build on a proven foundation. With this smooth ascent, rather than a jagged head-long rush, the pig can find his way to financial stability. Pigs also tend to be very wise about investments, but even here they can be advised to tread cautiously. For pigs, keeping their tempers and their patience will yield positive results, especially combined with their natural effectiveness and level heads. Property can be tricky for pigs, but other investments, providing the pig is patient and good tempered, will yield profit.

In their personal relationships, pigs can be very isolated in some ways. Rich in love but poor in pocket might be the key phrase for these tough individuals, but they seldom grumble about the hand they're dealt. Their relationship with their parents and siblings tend to be loving and supportive, but the pig is often on their own when it comes to financial affairs. When it comes to romance and marriage, a pig is prone to falling deeply in love, but finds that state difficult to maintain. Without vigilance, the pig is prone to a roving eye and adultery, no matter how deep the passion at the beginning. Pigs are very loving and protective towards their little ones. Nothing is as vicious as a mother pig that has had her piglet threatened.

People born under the Chinese astrology sign of the pig are not made to travel long distances. Despite their typically hardy constitutions, traveling can be quite hazardous for pigs, leading to accidents and even litigation. If such a calamity should occur, pigs should be reminded that courts may be unlucky for them; it is in their best interests to settle out of court.

If you are a Chinese zodiac pig, there are several key things you should keep in mind. First remember that you are not a sign that is very lucky in financial arrangements. Avoid borrowing or lending, and keep in mind that timeliness and a positive attitude are your best weapons in the workplace. Unleash your innate creativity and do not be bound by convention. When dealing with others, remember to be kind and non-argumentative. Remember that other people have their pride and that they will remember a kindness for a long time. Healthy habits and a careful approach to life will keep a pig happy and content for his whole life.

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