Houston Community News >> Hollywood Eyes Chinese Novel

4/9/2007-- New Line Cinema, a major Hollywood film studio, is seeking to adapt a popular online Chinese novel to the silver screen. The thriller, entitled "Gui Chui Deng" or "Ghost Blows Out the Light," revolves around a group of tomb raiders' mysterious adventures at ancient tombs.

It was an instant hit when it debuted on the Internet in March last year and was released in printed form in October.

Xiang Zhuwei, who helped publish the book, told Chongqing Evening News that New Line Cinema has consulted her about buying the novel's copyright several times.

She said the film studio suggests the Chinese thriller will have a huge market potential among Western audiences. It aims to invest big funds in a "Harry Potter-style" series, namely a production with several installments.

To meet expectations, author Zhang Muye is reportedly preparing prequels and sequels.

The story is also in hot pursuit among Chinese filmmakers, including Stanley Tong and "New Police Story" director Benny Chan.

(Courtesy of Eastday.com)