Houston Community News >> 73 Percent of Internet Users Suffer Health Problems

9/15/2007 BEIJING-- About 73 per cent of the Internet users in China are in a sub-healthy state with 70 per cent of them suffering from psychological problems, according to a survey.

The survey said 73 per cent of the 150,000 respondents suffer from dizziness and insomnia and half of them also face stomach-ache from time to time.

More than 70 per cent netizens' have suffered from amnesia, anxiety and scatterbrained problems, however, 90 per cent of them never resort to psychological doctors, it revealed.

Surfing on the Internet kills netizens' time for physical exercise as 51.4 per cent of the respondents said they spent less than three hours a week in taking exercise and 12.5 per cent of them didn't do any exercise in the last half year.

The Internet has also sharply reduced the users' time for sleeping. The survey said that 84 per cent of them sleep for less than eight hours a day.

Statistics showed the number of Internet users in China hit an estimated 162 million by the end of this June.

Sub-healthy state, referred to a functional change without organic pathological process, is a transitional stage between the health and illness.

Previous report said that the number of Beijingers with sub-healthy conditions accounted for 75.31 per cent of the whole population. 

Contributed by Economic Times