Houston Community News >> Chinese Prefer LCD TV's

8/16/2006 -- The large-size plasma TV takes more than 80 percent market shares in America, over 75 percent in Europe and 60 percent in Korea.

An authority from Development Research Center of China's State Council Lu Renbo analyzes that the monopolized technology, collective manufacturing enterprises and hard-developed market drive the market shares of plasma TVs to gradually shrink. The core technology in plasma TV is mastered by Japanese and Korean manufactures, forming a monopoly so that other enterprises are in an absolutely inferior position, which also forces many Chinese enterprises choose to promote LCD TVs.


The plasma TVs in mega-size and large size take a dominated advantage, mainly for high-end consumers, leading to the small consumer group and lower development than LCD TVs. Lu Renbo indicates that the consumer group will gradually increase along with the improvement of people's income level.

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