Houston Community News >> Chinese, Japanese Students Build Trust

3/14/2008 (China Daily)-- About 200 Japanese students and their Chinese peers held a "communication day" in Beijing on Friday, to explore ways to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between youngsters from the two countries.

The students from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto were part of a 1,000-strong delegation on a study tour of China.
The group will participate in the opening ceremony of the China-Japan Friendly Exchange Year at Renmin University of China on Saturday, which President Hu Jintao is expected to attend.

The one-day communication event at Peking University, planned as a significant prelude to the year of exchange, gave teachers and students from both sides the opportunity to carry out academic discussions in fields such as environmental science, information technology and finance.
Professor Kiyofumi Kawaguchi, president of Ritsumeikan University, said it was most important for young people and students to understand each other to develop peaceful relationships.

"China and Japan have been cross-linked in cultural aspects for 3,000 years. I hope my students know China by themselves, through their own eyes and ears," he said, adding that young people and students are the future of Sino-Japanese relations.

Professor Xu Zhihong, president of Peking University, agreed.

"I am delighted to have this partnership with Ritsumeikan University," Xu said, adding that the event would open a new page in the cooperation of the two universities.

Students from both sides made the best of the limited time by taking part in activities such as Chinese calligraphy, to increase their understanding of China.

Yosuke Nimura, a Japanese student who has been practicing calligraphy since childhood, said: "There were so many negative reports of China in Japan. But it is actually really nice here, because the students and teachers are really great to us and they take care of us so much," he said, adding he plans to visit China again to see more places and experience more of its culture.

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