Houston Community News >> Chinese Use Internet For Emotional Outlet

11/28/2006 by Komfie Manalo— More and more Chinese are turning to the Internet to release their emotional baggage such as cursing a mother, insulting a lover and ranting. Posting an anonymous note on the Web site, "Hate Wall," has now become China's latest Internet fad.

A report by the state's official Xinhua news agency said that Chinese Web surfers post all kinds of gripes on the site to get relief from the stresses of life.

Xiao Xu, a typical poster on "Hate Wall," told the Shanghai Youth Daily that she feels better after repeatedly plastering a phrase over and over again. She said she usually writes "yu men," which in English means depressed, on a post-it note that is then stuck on the animated wall.

Xiao said, "I am addicted to it now. I log on to the website whenever I am upset, no matter how trivial the cause."

Aside from giving her an outlet for her anxieties, she said the site also gives her a boost in personality.

"I've begun to use dirty words in daily life, which I've never done before, " she said.

The report said the "Hate Wall" Web site is one of the many similar sites in China offering the same service.

Predictably many of the posted notes are full of angry and nasty words. Some are even directed at people.

Dai Wei, a public relations officer with the Internet Society of China say the organization does not have the authority nor is it interested in regulating the portals.

"I hope the Web sites and the netizens show some self discipline," he said. He warned users against posting nasty notes directed at identifiable individuals who can sue them for libel or slander.

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