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Chinese Gender Prediction

Reportedly, the original Chinese gender calendar was interred in a royal tomb somewhere near Beijing about 700 to 900 years ago. It was there that it was found by a Chinese scientist who created the Chinese gender prediction chart.

Although you should definitely realize that this chart should be used for entertainment only, it is also alleged that the Chinese gender prediction chart is between 90% and 99% accurate when used properly.

The prediction chart is meant to be used in conjunction with the Chinese Lunar Calendar. So, it is important that when you calculate the mothers age at conception that you do so using the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

An important factor when calculating your Chinese lunar age is to realize that the Chinese consider the time spent in the womb as part of their age. Therefore, the time spent in the womb must be added to your age to get correct results when using the Chinese gender prediction chart. The time spent in the womb varies but is usually somewhere around nine months. The Chinese will average this time and call it one year. Consequently, by Chinese standards, you are already one year old at birth. Adding one year to your age will work for most people when using the Chinese gender prediction chart.

However, unlike the western new year, the beginning of the Chinese new year varies and can begin anywhere between January 22nd and February 22nd.

Let's use 1970, year of the Dog, as an example. In that year the Chinese New Year began on February 6th. If you were born after that date you would have been born in the year of the Dog and in 1970. Adversely, if you were born anytime between January 1st and February 6th you would be considered born, by Chinese standards, in the previous year of the Chicken or numerically 1969.

So, to calculate your Chinese age in 2010 simply subtract the year you were born from 2010 and add 1. If you were born before the Chinese New Year date, use the previous numerical year and still add 1. The following calculations are for someone born in the year 1970.

Chinese age if born after February 6, 1970
2010 - 1970 + 1 = 41 years old

Chinese age if born between January 1, 1970 and February 6, 1970
2010 - 1969 + 1 = 42 years old

About the Author

Of course, each year of the Chinese Lunar calendar has a different New Year's Day. Visit the Chinese Gender Prediction site to review the chart and see a list of Chinese New Year's dates from 1950 through 2015