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Chinese Fortune Cookie

Knowing the future has always been a subject of mystery. Humans have this unique tendency of knowing their future and then trying to go through various processes to make the impossible possible. Through ages, people have used various methods to know their future. Things like palmistry, astrology, numerology, tarot and various other methods have been restored to find out what future holds for someone. One of the most interesting ways of knowing the future is actually the Chinese fortune cookie. Now what is this whole thing called Chinese fortune cookie? The fortune cookie is basically a very delicate and crispy cookie that is made out of a mixture of sugar, flour, vanilla powder, butter and milk. This is indeed an amazing mix but however, you must be thinking what a cookie has to do with the predicting of the future.

This tempting mixture has to be mixed in the appropriate proportion and needs to be baked. Now the baking needs to done around a strip of paper that is the fortune. This strip of the fortune contains words of wisdom and also needs to have vague prophecies. Basically, one can write anything on this strip of paper, but yes, the paper should try to predict something about the day. In fact, one can also put in Chinese fortune proverbs on the piece of the paper. Whenever, you go to any Chinese restaurant, you will see that at the end, they serve a cookie and this thing is known as the fortune cookie. While eating the cookie, you will first have to break the cookie into two pieces, then a strip of paper, determining your prediction will come out, and then you can eat the cookie. Serving this cookie is almost a trend in many Chinese restaurants and other restaurants in the United States of America and also in Canada.

However, there is a lot of controversy with the origination of the fortune cookie. The cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco actually claim that they invented the fortune cookie as a delicacy that helped in determining the future. Nevertheless, this debate still continues and no one has any clue about who actually invented these fortune cookies. However, many say that David Jung, the founder of Hong Kong Noodle Company in Los Angeles had invented the Chinese fortune cookie in 1918. This again continues with many other names who are acclaimed of having invented the fortune cookie. Even though the origination and the invention of fortune cookies, no one can really ignore the popularity that these mouth watering and crispy cookies have gained.

In fact, when the authenticity of the predictions is concerned, many people do not take the prediction as true, just and authentic. However, this issue has been considered as a barrier to the popularity of the Chinese fortune cookie. In fact, at times people love getting a fortune cookie, as this not only tells them their future but at the same time people love eating cookies. In fact, today the kind of messages given inside the Chinese fortune cookie has changed but the procedure of preparing the cookie remains the same and the end result is a tempting cookie that might actually answer a question in your mind.

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