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Chinese Diet Secrets

Chinese diet secrets are needed now more than ever as obesity is growing at epidemic levels and affecting the happiness and joy of so many people. Asian women have been able to lose inches quickly for centuries, and today we're going to quickly go over a couple methods you can use to get that sexy lean body you desire.

Chinese Diet Secrets - Lose Inches The Asian Way

The weight loss "industry" has been lying to us for a very long time. There's no other way to put it as diet pill after diet pill enters the market, and new fad diets are created each day. It's frustrating for people who are struggling with their weight to realize that the corporate world looks at their painful problem as a potential cash machine.

Before we get to today's tips, I want to tell you there IS another way. A way that has worked for millions of women for hundreds of years. As someone who grew up in Chinese Taiwan, I can tell you that none of this marketing nonsense goes in Asia. And that's because Asian women get lean in natural ways, and laugh at so-called "magic" diet pills...

Don't fall for it. Stick to the basics that have worked forever and you'll get where you want to go!

1. So simple and so easy...Unlock the door through walking- There are many ways to lose inches using Asian methods, and one of the most popular is something human beings were designed to do nearly from birth: Walking!

Walking, even just 20 minutes a day, has been proven recently to provide the long-term fat burning effect of 90% of a max-effort aerobics class for the same span. Which means you can drop weight much more easily than previously believed, and do it without breaking a sweat or killing yourself at the gym.

Get up, get out, and walk for 20 minutes a day. Try to do it in the morning, when your metabolism is just waking up, but be sure to do it. No excuses!:)

2. Asians eat fish and tofu for a reason -Protein is your friend whenever you're trying to lose weight. I won't go into the exact combinations of food, the formulas basically to ignite true fat loss as there isn't space, but I will say that you want to be adding protein to any meal you eat.

At breakfast it can be eggs, at lunch a nice chicken sandwich, and at dinner a nicely prepared piece of fish. Regardless of whatever you choose, make sure you add a lean source of protein to every meal and cut back on the carbohydrates if possible.

Carbs tend to elevate our blood sugar levels, making it tough to lose weight. They also add "empty" calories that don't leave you feeling full for long, which lead to cheating and binges.

Walking and Protein Only Go So Far

You're not going to discover the true way how to lose weight permanently from just a quick article or short write-up. In order to really understand how Asian women are able to get their incredibly skinny bodies, even right after giving birth, requires a detailed look at all of their secret techniques and methods up close.

Let me teach you a simple and FREE method that will quickly drop 10 pounds off your belly and thighs in less than a month without any sweating. The technique is so easy that I actually recommend doing it while relaxing on the couch watching TV!