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Chinese Baby Calendar Gender Selection

Many People searching online after Chinese baby calendar or (Chinese Pregnancy Calendar), because it is can be used to predict or select baby gender. If you're already pregnant, find out if the Chinese baby calendar predicts that you're having a girl or a boy. If you're considering getting pregnant and are really hoping for one gender or the other, use this Chinese baby calendar as a guide to the best month for you to get pregnant.

I conducted a search for the key word “Chinese baby calendar” on the Google, I find that the top twenty websites which have presented the Chinese baby calendar on their websites, but none of them correct.

Why? Because they simply translation Chinese baby calendar into English without telling people that the month is on the top of the chart is Chinese lunar month, the woman’s age is the Mother's Chinese Age at the time of conception.

Chinese baby calendar is based on Chinese lunar calendar which is totally different from the Western Calendar (Gregorian Calendar). Chinese lunar calendar use it’s own system which was invented by ancient Chinese to record dates and the four seasons. For example, the Chinese new year of 2007 is at the 18th Feb 2007. The Chinese lunar month March is at 17th April 2007, so the results of prediction is impossible to be correct when people use the Chinese baby calendar to predict the gender of the baby based on the Western calendar.

The origin of Chinese baby calendar
I have seen many English website telling people the Chart was found from a tomb 700 years ago, but this fake story is far beyond the truth. In the imperial China, the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar was originally invented for and used exclusively by imperial concubines to select and predict their baby gender. The chart has been revealed and used by civilian when the imperial China becomes history.

How to Use Chinese baby calendar for accurate results

The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is simple to use and, ultimately, is no more or less accurate than anything else that is used to select and predict gender – other, of course, than a confirmed medical test.

The Chinese baby Calendar is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The age usually represent the mother’s Chinese age during the conception, the month when conception took place, and corresponding boxes labeled “B” for boy, and “G” for girl. This data will be placed in vertical and horizontal positions allowing you to draw coordinates where the points will intersect. Still confused?

Here’s some step-by-step assistance when using the Chinese Baby Calendar:

1. First, take note of the woman's age during the time of conception.
2. Add 1 to the woman's age.
3. Take note of the month when the baby was conceived, and then exchange the month into Chinese Lunar Month.
4. Then, locate the month on the top portion of the Chart and the age on the left side of the chart.
5. Lastly, follow these two coordinates to the spot where they meet and intersect, and look for the corresponding box labeled “B” for boy, or “G” for girl.

Although the Chinese Baby Calendar maintains that it is 95% accurate, But If you really want to 100% accuracy, it is better to use other baby gender selection methods, such as Martine's Unique Baby Gender Selection Program, at the same time to double sure the results, and to not rely solely on the Chinese baby Calendar.

About the Author:

Hello, my name is Jennifer (from NY U.S.A.). Two and half years ago, my husband (Peter) and I were planning for baby boy as our first child. We searched online to find a way for baby gender selection. If you are seeking the proven methods for both baby gender selection and prediction. Please visit