Houston Community News >> Wife Cuts off Husbands Hand

9/2/2007-- A Chinese wife has cut her husband's right hand off because of his internet addiction.

Jiang Ming of Chengdu city promised his wife, He Ling, that he would not go on the internet anymore and would spend more time at home to take care of their newborn son.

But after a short time he started to sneak into nearby internet cafes again to have video chats with girls.

"I was on the internet, and suddenly felt a numbness in my right hand. The arrow on the screen stopped moving," says Jiang Ming.

"Then I found that my right hand was on the mouse pad, and blood was shooting out."

In court, the husband pleaded with the judge to release his wife, since he was to blame for breaking his promise.

The court has adjourned and will announce its verdict on another date, reports Chongqing Evening News.

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