Houston Community News >> Sexually Suggestive Ads a No-No in China

10/10/2007 BEIJING (UPI) -- China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said Wednesday that nearly 2,000 sexually suggestive TV and radio ads will no longer be broadcast.

A SARFT press release said that as part of a nationwide attempt to clean up China's TV and radio broadcast, scores of commercials ranging from breast enhancement to sex-related health supplement ads would not longer be aired, China's official news agency Xinhua reported.

"Radio and TV stations across the country have examined their broadcasting lists and the monthlong efforts have taken effect," the SARFT release said.

The censorship effort began last month after two Chinese radio stations were forced to ban two sexually-suggestive programs.

The release said that those initial censorship efforts then led to similar bans on other programs at seven other radio stations, Xinhua said.

"The SARFT has always called on all media to hold onto their sense of responsibility but some of them surrendered to audience ratings and profits and caused a vile impact," SARFT officials said in the release.

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