Houston Community News >> China National Museum to Become World Largest

12/10/2006 BEIJING, (Xinhua) -- China will expand its Beijing-based National Museum into the world's largest one within the next four years, according to curator Lu Zhangshen.

The National Museum, beside the downtown Tian'anmen Square in the east, will go through renovation and enlargement from next April to 2010, Lu was quoted as saying by the Beijing News on Sunday.

"The museum will expand 100 meters eastwards and its floor space will reach 192,000 square meters - the largest in the world," he said.

The project has won approval from the State Council, China's cabinet, and State Development and Reform Commission, he said.

Formed on the basis of the National Museum of Chinese History and the National Museum of Chinese Revolution, the National Museum of China was inaugurated on Feb. 28, 2003.

The construction of the two former museums were completed in August 1959, according to the official website of the museum.

The present National Museum is 313 meters long from south to north and 149 meters wide from east to west, with a total floor space of 69,000 square meters.

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