Houston Community News >> China to Launch Campaign Against Language Errors

2/5/2007  - China will launch a national campaign to reduce the language mistakes in the country's media and publishing industry, CRI reported.

The General Administration of Press and Publication has named the year 2007 the year for quality control in publications. It will check the quality of the language used in publications across the nation.

The campaign has been launched in response to the increasing number of grammatical and logical errors in Chinese language newspapers and publications. The quality of the language has deteriorated because people are using popular slang words more often and paying less attention to formal grammar.

China News Service on Sunday reported each newspaper contains an average of 46 logical errors, according to preliminary statistics released at a meeting on Chinese newspapers and periodicals on Saturday.

President of China Redactological Society Gui Xiaofeng said the problem is becoming serious, almost unbearable. It's in a worst period in recent history.

The State Language Work Committee is working on new standards and testing systems for the use of words and languages.

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