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The Bunun's

The Bunun group consists of around 45,000 people and shares many cultural attributes with the Tsou group. Traditional production methods include shifting cultivation and hunting which, in turn, have led to a complex system of beliefs, rituals, and taboos. Major Bunun ceremonies include the "ear-shooting ceremony" (a hunting ritual in which animals' ears are shot at with arrows in supplication for a plentiful harvest) and the millet ceremony. The Bunun are also particularly noted for their pasibutbut polyharmonic  choral singing of prayers for a bumper crop. Because they live among Taiwan's highest mountains, the Bunun have been called the "real mountain people." Population increases and demand for land and resources have led to large-scale migrations, however. Characteristic cultural features include Bunun's patriarchal system, skills at making clothing from animal hide, and the worship of hanito (ancestral spirits).