Sunday, March 05, 2006

Houston News: Mayor Pro Tem Carol Alvarado Bonus Scandal

The scandal at city hall is heating up reports Houston News. The inspector general has wrapped up its investigation into employees in the mayor pro tem's office accused of taking improper bonuses from the city. On February 15, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Alvarado's office was raided, the locks changed, and four workers in her office were suspended, accused of taking improper bonuses. Alvarado says her signature authorizing the $140,000 in bonus was forged.
The mayor is expected to reveal details of the Officer of Inspector General's investigation on Monday. Alvarado is keeping to her regular schedule, but the controversy surrounding the bonus money simply won't die down. And the question many are asking the mayor is will Alvarado stay on the job.

Mayor White spent part of the past few days talking to certain members of city council, looking for input on how to restructure the mayor pro-tem's office. But he says he hasn't asked Alvarado to resign her position, though he does know what he wants to do about the four employees and their bonuses.

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