Houston Community News >> Beijing Confident For Clean and Safe Olympics

3/11/2008 BEIJING -- A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman voiced confidence on Tuesday that the country will host a clean and safe Olympics.

China is confident in safeguarding the environment and security conditions during the period when the Olympic Games are being held in Beijing, spokesman Qin Gang said at a routine press conference.

In reply to a question on the impending Olympics, Qin said the improvement of the capital's environment not only served the needs of the Games, but also helped to carry out the scientific concept of development as well as to substantially improve the living standards of Beijing residents.

According to Qin, Beijing had spent 120 billion yuan (16.9 billion US dollars) in improving air quality in recent years. The number of "blue sky" days, or days with fairly good air quality, increased to 246 last year from 100 in 1998.

A coordination workshop was also established to help Beijing and its neighboring Tianjin municipality and four provinces initiate joint actions in a bid to ensure the air quality during the Games, Qin said.

The government believed the major pollution indices would meet the national and World Health Organization criteria. China welcomed the athletes from all over the world to participate in the
Beijing 2008 Olympics, Qin said.

On security, Qin noted China attached great importance to such issues and had already formulated a strategic plan to ensure safety during the Games in accordance with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) requirements.

"A security commanding system based on the experience of previous Games has also been put in place."

Qin said China would continue to keep a close eye on and continue its efforts to improve security conditions during the Olympics. He noted the country had the determination, confidence and competence to ensure the safe and successful hosting of an Olympic Games.

(Contributed by China Daily)