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 Beaumont, Texas


Two-step across the "biggest dance floor in Southeast Texas" at Crockett Street, or step out in style for fine dining at Suga's where live Jizz and extra savory cuisine make an evening exquisite. Beaumont is know as the "Museum capital of Texas" with more than 15 museums rich with oil history and colorful tales. Feel the trembling earth beneath your feet when the Lucas Gusher blows at the Spindletop/Gladys City Boomtown Museum and discover oil at the Texas Energy Museum where interactive exhibits share the story of Beaumont's oil industry. Soak up Beaumont's beautiful outdoors while birding, hiking, fishing, or canoeing. From nightlife to wildlife, Beaumont is Texas with a little something extra. Visit www.beaumontcvb.com or call 800-392-4401 for more details.