3/17/2006 Houston -- H-E-B Grocery Co. urged customers to immediately return any store-brand baby food products to the nearest retail store after glass was found in baby food jars earlier this week. The company received three reports of glass found in baby food jars, specifically a jar of peas, a jar of carrots and a jar of applesauce, said Shelley Parks, an H-E-B spokeswoman in Corpus Christi. No injuries have been reported, she said. Customers can return the products to any store for a full refund, she said. "We're hoping that any that we sold that hasn't been used comes in," Parks said. The recall affects products sold at all H-E-B locations across Texas and Mexico.

Parks believes H-E-B received the reports either late Tuesday or early Wednesday, but couldn't say exactly when they were made. While she couldn't give specific towns, the tainted products were discovered in the Corpus Christi region, which includes Houston and the Victoria region, she said.

By Wednesday afternoon the company had pulled all the recalled products from store shelves. All of the baby food will be destroyed, she said. The company will not restock the brand until the source of the problem can be discovered and remedied. "When people see it on the shelves they are going to know the problem has been taken care of and it's going to be safe to give to their babies," Parks said.

H-E-B is conducting an internal investigation into the source of the glass. Parks said she didn't know which supplier or suppliers produced the glass-laced products. "We are investigating this one internally through our supply chain and at the manufacturing level," Parks said. The recall affects 22 H-E-B Baby Food products and 17 Mom's Organic Choice products, she said.

(Contributed by Thomas Dolye)