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Reading and Signing (yes, shešs really coming!), 7pm. Ayun Halliday,
Dirty Sugar Cookies: Culinary Observations, Questionable Taste.

Published by Seal Press, Ayun Halliday's fourth book, Dirty Sugar
Cookies, takes readers into the unpredictable mind and comical
experiences of a true anti-foodie, giving even the most hopeless cooks a
moment of relief from self-criticism, and the least discriminating
eaters a reality check. Halliday started out a repressed picky eater
without so much as a single fast-food-loving sibling to save her from
the gourmet ambitions of a mother whose recipe for Far East Celery once
received favorable mention in the Indianapolis Star.

An omnivorous, rollicking chronicle of culinary awakening, Dirty Sugar
Cookies is an oil-splattered, accidentally-dropped-on-the-floor,
self-mocking love letter to everything Ayun Halliday has ever eaten ‹
and a few of the things she wishes she hadn't.

Brooklyn-based writer Ayun Halliday is the devilish lactating genius
behind The East Village Inky and author of No Touch monkey, Job Hoper,
and The Big Rumpus. She is longtime contributor to BUST, where she
writes the Mother Superior column.

Seal Press was founded in 1976 to provide a forum for women writers and
feminist issues. Since then, Seal has published groundbreaking books
that represent the diverse voices and interests of women‹their lives,
literature, and concerns. Among their many notable authors are Ariel
Gore, Ayun Halliday, Inga Muscio, Barbara Sjoholm, Michelle Tea, Spike
Gillespie, Marrit Ingman and Marion Winik.

Location: BookWoman, 918 West 12th Street. Call 512 472-2785 for more info.

Luca Cambiaso
Luca Cambiaso is known as the first great "modern" artist in Genoa. His works inspired innovation and influence throughout Italy in the early 18th century. This is the first exhibition of Cambiaso's work in 50 years and the first presentation ever outside of Italy’s coastal Liguria area. Location: Blanton Museum of Art. Call 512-471-7324 for more details. Event ID: 1/14/07

Black and White and Read All Over: Austin Chronicle Photographers Celebrate 25 Years
Join The Austin Chronicle as they celebrate 25 years. In celebration of their anniversary and in salute to Austin, the Chronicle will host a photography exhibit BLACK AND WHITE AND READ ALL OVER: Austin Chronicle Photographers Celebrate 25 Years spotlighting photographs that have run in the weekly over the past 2 1/2 decades. Location: Austin Museum of Art: Downtown. Call 512-495-9224 for more info. Event ID: 9/24

Power to the People: The Electrification of Rural Texas
Walk into a world before television, computers, the i-pod, even refrigerators and running water. The exhibit, Power to the People: The Electrification of Rural Texas, is a unique story of one of the most dramatic events in Texas history. Rural Texas in the 1930s was still in the dark as electric lines hadn’t penetrated the beautiful, but rugged Texas Hill Country. Location: LBJ Library and Museum. Open Daily 9-5 (except Christmas) Free Admission. id:5.2.07

Big Bugs
David Rogers’ Big Bugs exhibit includes eight enormous sculptures of insects—a 1,200-pound praying mantis, a 7-foot assassin bug and the biggest spider you will ever see. Location: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Call 512-292-4200 for more info.

Bat Watching
The 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats that live beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge take flight in a mass exodus each night at dusk. Located at Congress Ave. & Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78704.

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