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"Cloud 9" By Caryl Churchill A hilarious assault on hypocrisy, this whirlwind tour from 1880s Africa to 1970s London confronts both colonial and sexual repression. With a gender-bent cast of characters who travel 100 years in time while only aging 25, Churchill challenges our preconceptions about sex, romance, gender roles and race — all at a breakneck pace and with astounding theatrical flair. Location: Mary Moody Northern Theatre at St. Edward's University. Event ID: 10/5.

DinoLand Exhibit. DinoLand Exhibit allows you to see more than 30 life-sized dinosaurs will reside in their "natural habitat." Location: Zilker Botanical Garden. Event ID: 11/30

The People's Gallery at City Hall
The 2008 exhibition of the People's Gallery at City Hall features over 100 artworks on loan from Austin artists, galleries and museums. Location: City Hall, 301 W. Second Street. Call 512-974-9313 for more info. Event ID:1/30/09

Bat Watching
The 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats that live beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge take flight in a mass exodus each night at dusk. Located at Congress Ave. & Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78704.

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