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Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo. Spend the weekend outdoors enjoying nonstop outdoor fun and learning at the state's largest all-outdoor recreation festival. There's something for everyone and it's FREE! Fish, shoot, kayak, rock climb, mountain bike, see wildlife and more. Location: 4200 Smith School. Event ID: 10/5

Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. Location: B. Iden Payne Theatre; University of Texas at Austin. Actors from the London Stage return to The University of Texas at Austin for the 10th consecutive year. This year's troupe will be performing Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. Employing just five actors to assume all the roles in a Shakespearean drama, Actors from the London Stage performances are minimalist in terms of props and staging, intimate and compelling. The performances emphasize language, characterization, and dramatic energy; the results are startlingly clear and powerful, even magical, for audiences of all ages in a way that large-scale productions in the big theaters of Stratford and London can never be. Event ID: 10/4.

"Cloud 9" By Caryl Churchill A hilarious assault on hypocrisy, this whirlwind tour from 1880s Africa to 1970s London confronts both colonial and sexual repression. With a gender-bent cast of characters who travel 100 years in time while only aging 25, Churchill challenges our preconceptions about sex, romance, gender roles and race — all at a breakneck pace and with astounding theatrical flair. Location: Mary Moody Northern Theatre at St. Edward's University. Event ID: 10/5.

DinoLand Exhibit. DinoLand Exhibit allows you to see more than 30 life-sized dinosaurs will reside in their "natural habitat." Location: Zilker Botanical Garden. Event ID: 11/30

The People's Gallery at City Hall
The 2008 exhibition of the People's Gallery at City Hall features over 100 artworks on loan from Austin artists, galleries and museums. Location: City Hall, 301 W. Second Street. Call 512-974-9313 for more info. Event ID:1/30/09

Bat Watching
The 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats that live beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge take flight in a mass exodus each night at dusk. Located at Congress Ave. & Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78704.

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