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It STILL Ain't Braggin' If It's True!
The museum marks its fifth anniversary by using the same theme of the opening year exhibit – but by weaving new tales. The qualities of friendship, vision, perseverance, pride, showmanship and swagger and related stories are highlighted in this exhibit of one-of-a-kind objects. Location: Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. Call 512-936-4649 for more details.

I am My Own Wife
Charlotte is an unforgettable real survivor of the Nazi regime in Germany, the Soviet-dominated Communist dictatorship of East Berlin, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. In a reunited Berlin, Charlotte now runs a small, fantastic museum of memorabilia where this soft-spoken, but tenaciously gender-bending male, portrays more than 40 characters in the performance of a lifetime. A shattering secret is revealed that calls into question Charlotte's entire life story in this testament to the will to survive. Location: Zachary Scott Theatre. Call 512-476-0541 or visit for more details.

Over + Over: Passion for Process
Ordinary materials—from paper cups and pencil stubs to tires, twist ties and playing cards—are transformed by a dozen artists into extraordinary art. As the digitized image on the plasma screen becomes the ubiquitous means of communication, and the keyboard supplants the hand, a number of artists are turning to traditional hobbies and craft expressions as foundations for their art. Their manual work includes meticulous hand beading, sewing, quilting, silhouette cutting, collaging and collecting. Informed by process art of the 1970s, and attached to the grid that has organized much of the art of the last fifty years, these artists are reenacting some of the tenets of the Arts and Crafts movement of a hundred years ago. Location: Austin Museum of Arts Downtown. Call 512-495-9224 for more info.

Bat Watching
The 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats that live beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge take flight in a mass exodus each night at dusk. Located at Congress Ave. & Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78704.

Shear Madness. The longest-running comedy in ZACH's history returns in an all-new production! It's murder among the curlers in this hilarious whodunit where you play armchair detective, uncover the secrets, and help an outrageous cast of characters solve the crime amidst a trendy Austin hair salon. Location: Zachary Scott Theater
Call 512-476-0541.

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