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6/10/2007 LONDON- Asian female-entrepreneurs are generating more wealth than women in any other region of the world, according to a new global survey of 600 wealthy people, making the Bharatiya nari and Chinese nu more driven and daring than her sisters elsewhere.

The report to be published on Monday by Barclays Wealth, Britain's leading wealth manager with 93 billion client-assets globally, is seen to shatter the stereotypical belief that Indians and other Asian women rely on inheritance and marriage as the lead sources of their wealth.

Instead, the survey, which Barclays carried out in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), highlighted an important finding — that the vast majority of women are generating their wealth independently.

The survey titled 'Barclays Wealth Insights: A Question of Gender' said that "compared to any other global regions, the wealth generated by female entrepreneurship is highest in Asia, where 26% cite income from a business as their main source of wealth".

Globally, only 20% of women cite income from a business as the main source of wealth. The survey said that today's global picture of female wealth was largely driven from earnings and business ownership (83.9%) or from personal investments (32.8%), which compares favorably to marriage (24.7%), divorce (2.2%) and inheritance (19.9%).

Barclays used wealthy female Indian entrepreneurs including Kalpana Morparia, joint MD of ICICI Bank, and Perween Warsi, the multi-millionaire Bihari British founder and CEO of S&A Foods, on its "insights panel" for the survey.

Both Morparia and Warsi, who are used as case studies, have gone on record in the report to urge less emphasis on gender.

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