The Art of Harmony Exhibition going on now until March 31, 2006
“THE ART OF HARMONY” is open to the public at the International Decor Gallery in River Oaks, 2501 S. Shepherd Dr., 77019. Art Exhibit shows thru March 31, 2006.

The Art Exhibition will feature Chinese & Asian Artists who have created both modern and classical images that display not only related themes of Chinese New Year but also the creative expressions of "life", “balance”, & "harmony". In choosing the artworks for this exhibition, the Gallery selected paintings that reflect these images in its composition, design, texture, pattern, color hues, and the artists' goals and emotional message. The artists participating are Wang Chi, Liang-Chern Hsu, Peihong Endris, Sirun Guan, Monica Barry, and Mari Omori. An interesting Kimono cloth collage is created by Peggy Sexton and another mix medi-collage by Maryann Lucas. 

Ms. Wang Chi and Mr. Hsu are both internationally known for their artworks. Paper-making painting is an original art form which was created by Ms. Wang.

The Gallery's current exhibition showcases Ms. Wang Chi's recent series of Printmaking Works, including “Fly to the Moon” which expresses a mystical image of an exotic Asian Woman floating in the sky with the mystical aura of the moon at her near distance. Mr. Liang-Chern displays his excellent versatility in painting style and techniques in this show. He introduces recent contemporary abstract oil paintings, “Quanyin” and “The Circle”. 

Along with the paintings, the Gallery will showcase its exquisite Asian Art and Antique collection, which is composed of museum-quality bronze and stone sculptures, earthenware and terracotta statues of powerful animals and spiritual figures, richly woven silk and linen wall hangings, and interestingly rare swords. A significant part of the collection is made up of Chinese artifacts including a Scholar's Rock, a Tang Dynasty Horse Sculpture, a Neolithic Jade Cong, and Han Dynasty Cocoon Jar.

The ART OF HARMONY is a wonderful presentation of Fine Artworks created by a brilliant spectrum of both very accomplished, even legendary (Ms. Wang Chi), to enormously talented emerging artists, like Sirun Guan.

 More paintings on display